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My name is Peaches Land and I am the creator of

"Happy Side of The Island Foundation"

a not-for-profit organisation that will be referred to from here on as HSOTI.

I believe my role as an inspirational ‘earth care’ leader is a way to support our home.

The Foundation was established after an event which was inspirational for me. I came across a wounded koala on the road and took her to a vet. That particular road was strewn with dead koalas and it shocked me. The vet later called me to let me know that the koala we saved had a ‘baby on board’ and to thank us for taking the time and making the effort to help the koala. From that moment, I have wanted to pursue a tangible way to make a difference to our wildlife and the environment.

Aside from that incident, when we look at the bigger picture, the recent bushfires here in Australia and around the world, we begin to realise how much we need to start to 'give back' to this earth plane that has supported humanity for so long.

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HSOTI’s mission is to purchase land and be proactive in creating sanctuaries for koalas and other wildlife, where koalas have plenty of food and water, in a protected environment.

Bush regeneration with koala habitat trees is a priority, preventing the further logging of koala habitat, as well as bush fire control and wild dog control strategies. A close relationship with any indigenous locals will be fostered to provide employment and education opportunities and to gather traditional indigenous knowledge about the animals, their habitat and land care.

HSOTI will engage volunteers, benefactors, and suitably qualified staff to ensure success of the project.


With HSOTI's mission in mind we believe we will create the following:

  • Koala/wildlife rehabilitation facility and koala education and sighting.

  • A function centre for Australian bush/environmental education.

  • Educational retreats for people in eco-sustainable off-grid living


  • An educational programme where students can learn such things as caring for

    wildlife, bush tucker - what can and can't be eaten, bee keeping for beginners

    and essential oils distilled from the Australian bush, to name a few.

  • Bee Hives situated in the pristine conservation areas to increase bee numbers.

  • Further employment for the local community in support of the Foundations' vision.

  • With HSOTI's evolution it is also our intention to create Sanctuaries not just

    for koalas but also for people to recharge and realign with nature, to live in and on the land, in peace and harmony and have the opportunity to learn to be the best form of themselves they can be.


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“Our mission is to purchase land & be proactive in creating sanctuaries for koalas & other wildlife"

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